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Webinar Date Theme
1nd 24th June 2022 Where tests are placed at CEFR levels (Delfina Aliaga, ESP)



Date Theme
3th 18th June 2021 Feedback and assessment
2nd 16th April 2021 Teaching strategies
1st 29th January 2021 Technology impacts on teaching and learning


Lesico Place Year Organization Video
4th Edinburgh, Scotland 2023 Heriot Watt University coming soon
Cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic Warsaw, Poland

03-05 September 2021

Centrum Polskiego Języka Migowego

3rd Basel, Swiss 13-15 October 2017

BGA Teachers Association German-Swiss
ASRLS Teachers Association French-Swiss

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2nd Paris‚ France 16–17 October 2015

Visuel France



1st Prague‚ Czech 18–20 October 2013 Pevnost – Czech Centre of SL
3Dimenze – Moravian Centre of SL
Trojrozmer – Brno centre of Czech SL
Bezhran – Hradec Centre of Czech SL
Evoluce – South Czech Centre of Czech SL

2nd Symposium Preston, United Kingdom
18-19-20 October 2019
Topic: Profile of a Sign Language Teacher