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Mission statement

Representing sign language teachers as a profession to other bodies, institutes and groups involved in teaching, didactics, education and assessment in/from/via sign language. lts main objective is to promote teaching in/from/via sign language on a European scale and to maintain high quality and ethical standards within the aforementioned teaching/learning and assessment of sign language. Advising and supporting sign language teachers to promote CPD (Continuing Professional Development) within their target group. The target group of ENSLT are sign language teachers working in countries that are part of the Council of Europe.


Monitoring and observing ethical values within the profession of sign language teaching. Guarding ethical standards of teaching, learning and assessment of sign language. ENSLT will – as far as it is able – enter into collaborations with other interested organisations and bodies which support and/or reinforce the main aims of ENSLT. ENSLT will participate in EU projects relating to the sign language teaching profession and share/disseminate resulting knowledge and information to inform its target group. Maintain, secure and continue the LESICO conference series.


The objectives of ENSLT will be: To promote knowledge, knowledge sharing and exchange of information/experience relating to professional sign language teaching, learning and assessment on a European scale. To encourage and promote active collaboration and mutuai exchange of information between member organisations and partners. Supporting, advising and assisting countries to establish new national sign language teaching organisations. Setting up and maintaining active cooperation, dialogue and representation with European and international institutions and organisations, and their representatives, including but not restricted to the European Union, Council ofEurope or United Nations. Conducting, informing and collecting research and data in every area that may influence sign language teaching and – if necessary in collaboration with other organisations – providing this to relevant interested parties and organisations, including but not restricted to national govemments, their agents, as well as academic and research institutions.

ENSLT - The Board

  • The Board of ENSLT shall consist of five (5) members; one (1) President, one (1) Vice-President and three (3) ordinary Board Members.
  • The Board cannot be represented in functions by members of the same country.
  • The Board Member may not already be a Board Member in National Association for the Deaf as well as Board Member of the National Association for SLT (if there is in his / her country).

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